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Franciscan Sisters of the Poor: 160 Years of Saying “YES” to God!

The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor feel abundantly blessed to be celebrating 160 years of healing presence in the United States in 2018. On August 24, 1858, five brave Sisters and a Postulant left their German homeland to venture to the States to minister to their own people who had set up a new life in Cincinnati.

Little did the Sisters know, upon their departure by sea, the challenges awaiting them. Despite their own sea-sickness they were asked to assist with a fellow passenger who was in a dying state. Their ministry had already begun! Upon arriving to their destination, they were informed there were no accommodations to meet their most immediate needs and were encouraged to consider returning to Germany. Totally dependent on the providence of God, the Sisters discerned to make a novena and to be guided by grace rather than human suggestion. On the last day of the novena, miraculously they were provided with a house and took this as a sign of God to remain and address the multiple needs of poor suffering humanity in the heart of Cincinnati.

Up until the year 2000, the Sisters were vested in health provision which included a health system that supported hospitals, long term care facilities and social service centers across several states. In more recent years, the Sisters have vested themselves in a variety of outreach efforts including jail ministry, court appointed guardian-ships, parish life, spirituality programming, and support groups. In addition, the Sisters have sponsored ministries through a separately incorporated ministry organization called Franciscan Ministries.

A priority in their lives has been and continues to be a commitment to a life of prayer. This prayer commitment has guided and directed the Sisters in continuing to say “YES” to God in however God wishes to use them to bring healing into the lives of others. Like the first Sisters who came in 1858, they desire to keep their inner torches burning bright with the love of God and love of their sisters and brothers wherever they are by being a healing presence to all.

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