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Being ProLife

What does it mean to be Pro-Life?


In today’s turbulently political world, the word “Pro-Life” seems to go hand and hand with those who work hard to fight against abortion; however, Being Pro-Life means so much more. Follow us on Social Media, read our article in the Catholic Telegraph, watch the video interviews, and listen to the podcast so that we can all come to a better understanding of what BEING PROLIFE really means.






Our Being Pro Life Podcast is now airing a NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK!

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THIS MONTH’S TOPIC: Bioethical Issues

This month we discuss various bioethical issues. We talk with Dr. Ted Furton of the National Catholic Bioethics Center about ethical vaccines and research. Then we discuss the ill effects of artificial birth control with Dr. DiAnn Ecret, also of the NCBC. We follow up with ethical help for couples experiencing infertility with local physician Dr. Paul Day, MD. We close the month with a discussion of ethical care for those at the end of life with Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schaivo. To hear each person’s full interviews, follow our weekly Podcasts on the platforms above!



Our Five Most Popular Page Views Last Month


#1- COVID-19 Special Edition

With many people out of work and fewer services available, the number of those in need are increasing. In this special episode Bob talks with Mike Lehner, director of Marketing and Development for Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, about ways that we can continue to support others during the COVID- 19 crisis in our country.



#2- Labor Trafficking

Labor Trafficking is exploiting someone to work through force, fraud or coercion. Bob talks with Harold D’Souza, a survivor of human trafficking in the U.S., as well as several others about what human trafficking looks like in the U.S., who is vulnerable, how to recognize it and how to report it.



#3- International Issues

Respect Life issues are in many ways the same across most of the world. Catholics and other people of good will struggle against the legalization and acceptance of abortion, and of assisted suicide. They struggle with government-issued regulations about sex-education in schools, even in Catholic schools. And they struggle with issues of religious freedom, from the lack of any hope to change a law or even the ability to speak against injustice. Check out a new video each week as we talk with people on every inhabited continent in the world. Even if you are unhappy with our government on many issues, you may find yourself grateful that we do have a lot more freedom than anyone else we spoke with to still live out our faith, even in areas where those freedoms are not supported by our laws.



#4- 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, President of 40 Days for Life, and Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood facility director, share about what 40 Days for Life is, and why we know it is effective in changing the hearts of parents and workers about abortion. We also talk with local leaders Peter Range from Toledo, Jenny Belokonny from Dayton and Mary Clark of Cincinnati about inspiring conversion stories and how to sign up for your local campaign.



#5- Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry includes helping those who are in prison, and those who are returning to society. It is about recognizing that all of us are called to continuing conversion, and should not be defined by the worst thing we may have done. Bob talks with Marty Arlinghaus, Director or Prison Ministry, Tessie Castillo, a death row advocate, Lyle May, a current death row inmate, and Wilson Willard, director of a returning citizen program.


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