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Being Pro Life: March & April 2020


THIS MONTH’S TOPIC: International Issues- Part 1

Respect Life issues are in many ways the same across most of the world. Catholics and other people of good will struggle against the legalization and acceptance of abortion, and of assisted suicide. They struggle with government-issued regulations about sex-education in schools, even in Catholic schools. And they struggle with issues of religious freedom, from the lack of any hope to change a law or even the ability to speak against injustice. Check out a new video each week as we talk with people on every inhabited continent in the world. Even if you are unhappy with our government on many issues, you may find yourself grateful that we do have a lot more freedom than anyone else we spoke with to still live out our faith, even in areas where those freedoms are not supported by our laws. To hear each person’s full interviews, follow our weekly Podcasts on the platforms above!


International Issues: Video Interviews



Bob talks with George Wirnkar, National Director of French-speaking Africa for Human Life International. They discuss issues of birth control, abortion, same-sex marriage and the effect of Catholic education to stem the tide of the influence of the Culture of Death coming from the West.


Bob talks with Nancy Tosi, Advisor for Latin America at Human Life International. They discuss the issues of abortion, euthanasia and the importance of Catholic education in Latin America.



Bob talks with Lisa O’Hare, Human Life International Ireland. They discuss the recent legalization of abortion in Ireland, mandated sex education in Catholic schools, and the need to re-evangelize the traditionally pro-life culture in Ireland.


Bob talks with Monica Doumit, from the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia about the Respect Life movement in Australia. They talk about abortion, assisted suicide, surrogacy and religious freedom issues.



Bob talks with Joe Woodard, a U.S. Citizen working in Hong Kong to promote the dignity of life. They discuss issues of population control, forced abortion, religious freedom, and other pro-life issues in Asia.


Bob talks with Benedicta Lindberg, Secretary General for Respect in Sweden, about pro-life issues in the Nordic countries.


Bob talks with Taylor Hyatt, Board Member on the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, about pro-life issues in Canada. They talk about abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia, rights of disabled persons, and religious freedom.


Being Pro Life Podcast


Our Being Pro Life Podcast is now airing a NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK!

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Catholic Telegraph Article







Human Life International

Mission: Human Life International is the world’s largest global pro-life apostolate, with an active network in over 100 countries. We effect necessary change by providing formation to groups that have the greatest potential to influence the structures of society. HLI accomplishes this strategy by impacting the Church and the Family, as well as domestic and international governing bodies. HLI, in collaboration with local, regional, and national leaders, provides educational and financial resources to support local programs which instill a greater awareness of the assaults to human life and the family. These programs unite people to actively cultivate, build, and sustain a Culture of Life. They identify leaders and provide them with on-going formation and mentorship, accompanying these leaders and assuring them they are not alone.



Human Life International- Ireland

Mission:The Mission of Human Life International (Ireland) is to advance and promote the authentic teachings of the religion of the Catholic Church in life, faith and family, by prayer, service and education.

“In our mission of education, research and publication of study, data and analysis, we seek to uphold the sacredness of life and the dignity of the human person at all stages. We promote natural methods of human procreation and educate persons in their obligation to respect and protect innocent human life from conception.”



Global Life Campaign

Mission: The MISSION of the Global Life Campaign is to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, especially on behalf of unborn and preborn children, and be international experts in abortion history, policy and data in order to…

Vision: The VISION of the Global Life Campaign is to see God glorified among the nations by…






What does it mean to be Pro-Life?


In today’s turbulently political world, the word “Pro-Life” seems to go hand and hand with those who work hard to fight against abortion; however, Being Pro-Life means so much more. It means cherishing every life, every person from the moment of their conception until their natural death. It means showing compassion to the marginalized in our society, and working diligently to help our culture recognize that EVERY PERSON is created in the image and likeness of God. Being Pro-Life means that we stand against the Culture of Death that is slowly seeping its way into our society and remain resolute in our Catholic Values that tell us that there is a loving God who has made each of us for a definite purpose. We are called to stand for one another, to support one another, and especially to defend those who are unable to defend themselves.

In this series, we will be addressing various “Pro-Life” issues in a variety of ways. Please join us as we begin a dialogue on how we can grow as a church towards BEING PROLIFE.  In October, we debuted a new monthly column in the Catholic Telegraph called Being Pro-Life.  Each month features an interview with someone personally affected by a different Respect Life Issue, with a call to action on how to get involved.  Please follow us on Social Media, read our article in the Catholic Telegraph, watch the video interviews, and listen to the podcast so that we can all come to a better understanding of what BEING PROLIFE really means.  To check out a previous topic in our series, click on the links on the left.