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Domestic Violence

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati takes Domestic Violence very seriously, whether it is against spouses or children, it must be stopped.

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Bishop’s Statement on Domestic Violence


  • Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence:
  • For women aged 15 to 44, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury.
  • Children living in a home where the mother is abused are also more likely to receive mistreatment or neglect by the abuser. Children who witness abuse are victims as well.
  • If violence occurs once in a dating relationship, it is likely to occur again. The majority (from 47%-87%) of violence occurs during either the steady or serious dating phase of the relationship.
  • One secret that should not be kept is when you are being abused by a spouse or loved one. If you are being hit, kicked, punched or verbally assaulted by your spouse, partner, or significant other you must stop taking the abuse.
  • There are many resources within the communities of Archdiocese of Cincinnati to help.