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9 Months with Christ in the Womb

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 About the Campaign

From March 25th to December 25th 2018, we are encouraging all parishes to join us in participation of this Respect Life Prayer Campaign. Promoting a consistent ethic of life, this campaign offers a monthly reflection on a different biblical story during the earliest moments of Christ’s time on earth.  Each reflection will discuss the importance of a different social issue such as immigration, death penalty, care for the elderly, concern for the disabled, etc. Additionally, short weekly reflections will be available for parishes to prayerfully chart Christ’s fetal development in their bulletins.  We are also asking everyone to pray daily our special prayer to Christ in the womb.

Note: Anyone is free to utilize the resources we make available here.  However, as is the case with all of our resources, you must receive the expressed permission of the pastor or his appropriate representatives before bringing them into a parish or parish school.  Likewise, you must receive the permission of the principal as well before bringing it into a Catholic School.

About the Reflections

There are two kinds of prayerful reflections involved in the Nine Months for Christ.

1. WEEKLY REFLECTIONS -These are one to three sentences in length so as to fit easily as a bulletin or pulpit announcement. They invite us to chart and prayerfully visualize the development of the Divine Body of Jesus within his mother’s cherished womb.  Within this exercise, we will all be drawn to a deeper and more prayerful commitment to the welfare of every child in the womb.

Weekly Development (2018)  You may drop these in your bulletin or Announce from the Pulpit on the appropriate weeks.

2. MONTHLY REFLECTIONS- These are each one page in length and invite us to explore the perspective of a different person or group who was somehow involved in the advent stories of the Birth of Jesus.  Inspired by these various points of view, we are invited to spend each month praying in solidarity with a different group of people’s whose dignity is under fire.

First Monthly Reflection (April)

Second Monthly Reflection (May)

Third Monthly Reflection (June)

Fourth Monthly Reflection (July)

Fifth Monthly Reflection (August)

Sixth Monthly Reflection  (September)

Seventh Monthly Reflection (October)

Eighth Monthly Reflection (November)

Ninth Monthly Reflection-(December)

You may print as many copies of these as you need, and hand them out or add them as a Bulletin Insert.  We suggest printing it on a green sheet of paper.

Note:  The reflections added to the campaign are not intended as literal statements of science or history, but rather as a devotional tool which may be utilized to deepen one’s own prayerful commitment to Christ and his teachings on the dignity of the human person as expressed through his Church.

Prayer To Christ in the Womb

Just as we can pray to Christ at any stage of his earthly life, we can also pray to Jesus while still growing and developing within the womb of his mother.

Dear Jesus of the Womb,

Most fragile child of Mary’s protection, we look to you as the youngest image of perfect innocence.  We lift up our prayers to you who will save each of our souls.  Just as you entered humanity through this most gentle and helpless state, now help us to find your presence in the faces of all the gentle and helpless persons of the earth.  Bless us with eyes that see you and ears that hear you: in the presence of the poor and the outcast, the hungry and the homeless, the condemned and the war-torn, the elderly and the unborn.  May we discover you every day as at Christmas and offer you our gifts every day as at Epiphany.  This we ask of You and the Father, with your Holy Spirit, and in union with Mary your tender home, Amen.

To order your own prayer cards to Jesus of the Womb, for yourself or for your parish, please order them now.

Events of the Campaign

Here are some of the 2018 events we are promoting.

        Nine Days for Life    Jan 18-26, 2018

Forty Days for Life Spring Campaign   Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday

Cross the Bridge For Life   First Sunday of June in Cincinnati

Fortnight for Freedom       June 21st -July 4th

Respect Life Sunday          October 7th,  2018