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Bob Wurzelbacher
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100 East Eighth St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
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Bob Wurzelbacher  x 2624
Teresa Kaltenbach, Admin. Asst. x 2653

Noreen Wendeln
1436 Needmore Rd.
Dayton OH 45414
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About the Respect Life Fund

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What is the Respect Life Fund?
Who can receive grant monies?
Lists of previous Grant Recipients
How does the Respect Life Fund make a difference?video interviews

What is the Respect Life Fund?

In 1973, on the recommendation of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, an annual collection was established to provide financial support to over 100 life giving and life sustaining organizations located within 19 counties of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The collection is held in October in our Catholic parishes. All monies collected are forwarded to the Chancery Office and designated for the Respect-Life Collection. A portion of these funds assist in sustaining the Respect Life programs of the archdiocese.  The balance is designated for Respect-Life Grants. Applications are evaluated by the Respect-Life Grant Committee, facilitated by the Director of the Family and Respect Life Office.  Recommendations are provided to the Archbishop for his final approval.  Funds are disbursed in January of the following year.

Who can receive grant monies?

General Guidelines

Organizations must meet the following criteria: non-profit, Respect-Life, not anti-Catholic and located within the 19 counties served by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Respect-Life funds are available for application by meeting one of the following conditions:

1) To provide seed money for new projects and/or programs.

2) To support programs that will have a significant effect in the formation of Respect-Life attitudes.

3) To support programs which provide positive assistance in helping individuals make informed Respect-Life decisions.

Specific Guidelines

1) Only one application per organization will be accepted for consideration.

2) The Respect-Life Fund has been established to provide financial support for specific Respect-Life Programs and not to simply provide support for an organization. Therefore, applications may not be submitted for ordinary administrative expense (i.e. salaries, rent, etc).

 3)  Funds may not be used for speakers.

4) Funds may not be used for political purposes.

5) Organizations which received funding within the previous year must complete and submit Form B with their application.

6) Incomplete and/or applications post marked after the designated submission date will not be considered.

7) Grants are to be used only for the designated program/project.  If the program/project fails to materialize within the designated year, funds granted must be returned to the Family and Respect Life Office.

History of Grant Recipients

For recipient information, click on the link for each year you would like to review.

How does the Respect Life Fund Make a Difference?

Recipient Interviews

Click on the link below to watch video testimonies of previous grant recipients.

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Healthy Moms and Babes Saving Lives
Heatlhy Moms and Babes

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