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Bob Wurzelbacher
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Cincinnati, OH 45202
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1520 South Main Street
Dayton, OH 45409
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Noelle Collis-DeVito
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Inclusion Ministries Resources

“Sometimes it is challenging to find a reason for what appears only as a difficulty to be overcome or even pain to be endured. Yet our faith helps us to break open the horizon beyond our own selves in order to see life as God does. God’s unconditional love, which bathes every human individual, points to a meaning and purpose for all human life.

-Meeting with Young People having Disabilities, Words of His Holiness Benedict XVI, April 19, 2008

Resources for Deaf & Hearing Impaired

Including a list of ASL Masses

Religious Education for Those with Special Needs

Including Inclusive Sacramental Preparation

Resources for Children With Disabilities

Other resources for children

Autism Presentations

On a variety of issues surrounding autism

Resources for Adults With Disabilities

Other resources for adults