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Risk Management Contact:

Charlotte Carpenter
Director of Benefits and Risk Management
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100 East Eighth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 421-3131

Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management promotes the protection of physical and human assets of the Archdiocese by assisting locations in controlling losses, responding to claims and creating a culture of awareness.

Our protections and services are provided through a combination of self-insurance programs and broad umbrella-type insurance policies.  Bringing together our large number of locations under these programs allows for economies of scale in administration, services and products.  In addition, the program size provides considerable negotiating leverage as a large purchasing entity.

In short, we enable our participants to take the risks necessary to further their mission and continuously improve their operational and financial strength.

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 Insurance Coverage:

Boiler & Machinery Insurance

Certificate of Insurance – Online Request Form

Special Events Insurance

Student Accident Insurance

Trips – Domestic & International

Volunteer Accident Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Information

Loss Control