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Trips - Domestic & International

Archdiocesan priests, staff, faculty, students and parishioners regularly travel both domestically and abroad for ministry related purposes.  International travel may pose health and safety risks, and for this reason, travelers are encouraged to carefully and thoroughly plan for trips prior to departure. Preparation for travel should take into consideration government warnings, Archdiocesan policies, health insurance including medical and security evacuation, and country-specific requirements.

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Why Should We Go On Immersion/Mission Tripsfootwashing2

Why should we travel?  Pope Francis says, “To get acquainted with other people and other cultures” as this experience “makes us grow”. “If we are isolated in ourselves, we have only what we have, we cannot develop culturally; instead, if we seek out other people, other cultures, other ways of thinking, other religions, we go out of ourselves and start that most beautiful adventure which is called ‘dialogue’”. Dialogue does not allow for closure and conflict, “because we talk to each other to find ourselves and not in order to quarrel”.

How shall we travel and dialogue?  The Holy Father ask that we travel “With meekness! Develop the ability to find people, to find culture peacefully; develop the ability to ask intelligent questions like, “But why are you thinking like this? Why does this culture do this?  Do this by “first listening, then speaking. All this is meekness.” 2013-08-22 L’Osservatore Romano

For an excellent mission trip planning booklet, What about Short-Term Mission” A Guide for Leaders and Participants for Short-Term Mission Experiences” order from

The Third Wave of Mission is a source for video modules and services to help plan and improve mission trips and parish twinning relationships.  Learn more.

The Archdiocesan Mission Office is ready to serve you as well at: