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Divine Worship and Sacraments Contact:

Jeremy Helmes
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100 East Eighth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-421-3131
Fax: 513-421-1582

Anthony J. DiCello
Archdiocesan Music Director
325 West Eighth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-421-2222
Fax: 513-241-9517

Monica Sellers
Administrative Assistant
100 East Eighth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-421-3131, x. 6609
Fax: 513-421-1582

Committees of the Office for Divine Worship and Sacraments

Worship Commission:
The Archdiocesan Worship Commission exists as a consultative body to the Archbishop in his role as chief liturgist of the Archdiocese.  The commission, in collaboration with the Worship Office, also assists parishes in matters of liturgical renewal, guidance, and direction by providing ongoing liturgical formation.  They serve parish worship commissions, priests, liturgical musicians, and other pastoral ministers through communication of official directives, modifications, and changes to the liturgy, and coordination of programs in sacred art and architecture, liturgical music, and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.   Members of the Worship Commission are appointed by the Archbishop.

Members:   Sabrina Burton-Simonson, Brad Feltz (Vice Chair), Marisue Naber, Rev. Ryan Ruiz, Deacon John Schuler, Kevin Schulze, Denise Torres-Barreras, Mary Ella Wielgos (Chair)

Consultants:  Rev. Lawrence Mick, Rev. Lawrence Tensi, Rev. Steve Walter

Ex officio:  Jeremy Helmes, Tony DiCello, Monica Sellers

Music Committee: The Archdiocesan Music Committee is a sub-committee of the Archdiocesan Worship Commission.  The role of the Music Committee is to promote a high standard of musical excellence in the liturgical celebrations of the Church; to initiate and encourage collaboration among music ministers; and to assist the Worship Commission by providing formation opportunities for pastoral musicians.

Members: Jonathan Alexander, Dave Auxier, Mary Bellman (Chair), Paul Bresciani, Christian Cosas, Tony DiCello, Ellen Garmann, Wylie Howell, Michael Johnson, Ron Miller, James Pera, Carol Quackenbush, Susan Quirk, Kevin Samblanet

Ex officio:  Jeremy Helmes

Committee for Sacred Art and Architecture: The Archdiocesan Committee for Sacred Art and Architecture is also a sub-committee of the Archdiocesan Worship Commission.  This sub-committee was mandated to oversee the liturgical aspects of building and renovating churches in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  It is the responsibility of this committee to approve the architectural plans and liturgical furnishings of every parish who is in the process of building or renovating a church.

 Members:   Rev. Anthony Brausch, Rev. Timothy Kallaher, Rev. Paul Keller, Matt Packer, Anna Peloquin, Rev. Ryan Ruiz (chair), Rev. Steve Walter, Rev. Bernard J. Weldishofer

Ex officio:  Jeremy Helmes

Archdiocesan R.C.I.A. Consultation Group: The Archdiocesan R.C.I.A. Consultation Group is composed of trained R.C.I.A. ministers who provide ongoing support and consultation to the Office for Divine Worship and Sacraments and the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship.  It is the function of this group to continue the ongoing implementation of the rite and to offer suggestions for formation programs on the R.C.I.A.

Archdiocesan R.C.I.A. Team Leaders:  Jeremy Helmes, Denise Warnecke

Members:  Dina Beach, Emily Besl, Ellen Garmann, Sr. Marla Gipson, C.PP.S., Chris Kreger, Rev. Larry Mick, Scott Mussari