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Divine Worship and Sacraments Contact:

100 East Eighth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-263-6609
Fax: 513-421-1582

Jeremy Helmes

Matthew Geerlings
Archdiocesan Music Director

Monica Sellers
Administrative Assistant

Annual Publications for Order

Orders must be placed online using this form:  Annual Publications Order Form  
No phone orders, please

Lector Workbooks, Sourcebooks, other Annual Publications: As of August 1, the Office for Divine Worship and Sacraments will accept orders for LTP’s Workbook for Lectors and Sourcebook for Sundays and Seasons, plus other LTP publications, for the upcoming liturgical year.  Liturgical Press’ Living Liturgy is available to order as well The prices of the books listed below reflect our diocesan discount, but do not include the drop shipment fee or shipping and handling.  Please email any questions about publications to Monica Sellers at

Workbook for Lectors – English Edition (LTP)
1-4 copies:  $11.25 each
5-49 copies:  $10.75 each
50+ copies:  $10.25 each

Workbook for Lectors – Spanish Edition (LTP)
1-4 copies – $11.25 each
5-49 copies – $10.75 each
50+ copies – $10.25 each

Sourcebook for Sundays and Seasons (LTP)
1 copy:  $13.75
2-4 copies:  $11.25 each
5+ copies:  $10.75 each

At Home With The Word (LTP)
1-10 copies:  $8.25 each
11+ copies:  $6.75 each

Children’s Daily Prayer (LTP)
1-10 copies:  $12.25 each
11+ copies:  $11.25 each

Adults’ Daily Prayer (LTP)
1-10 copies:  $10.25 each
11+ copies:  $9.25 each

Year of Grace Calendar 26×26 Poster (LTP)
Laminated:  $12.25 each
Paper (1-10 copies):  $6.75 each
Paper (11+ copies):  $5.75 each

Year of Grace Calendar 11×17 Notebook (LTP)
Laminated:  $3.75 each
Paper (pack of 25):  $9.25

Living Liturgy (LP)
1-10 copies:  $15.25 each
11+ copies:  $12.25 each