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Dwell in the Word

Formation for Lectors and Psalmists

Tuesdays, May 26 AND June 2, 7:00-8:15pm, Online


Scripture encourages us to let God’s Word dwell within us (Col. 3:16), but to do this, we must learn to dwell in the Word. Even in this time of distance from our communal celebrations, Lectors and Psalmists have the ability to renew their understanding and appreciation of God’s Word and improve their skills in proclaiming it. Let us use this time well.

Dwell in the Word, a two-part video conference, will lead Lectors and Psalmists to reflect on the Word of God, its meaning and power, its connection to the Eucharist, and our role in the Word’s transformative work.

Session One will encourage theological reflection on the Word of God and the ministry of proclamation. Session Two will focus on practical skills and techniques for effective and inspiring proclamation, with breakouts specific to both Lectors and Psalmists.

We come together – in our dwelling places – to dwell in the Word. In so doing, we pray that on the joyous day when we may gather again for worship, the Word will dwell more richly in the Body of Christ.


Ms. Emily Strand, M.A.

Emily Strand is author of Mass 101: Liturgy and Life (Liguori, 2013), Your Baby’s Baptism (Liguori, 2014) and numerous articles on pastoral liturgy. She served as Campus Minister and Director of Liturgy at the University of Dayton from 2004-2011 and has taught religion and liturgy on the collegiate level for over 15 years. She speaks at parishes, conferences and festivals about liturgy, sacraments, and the theology of popular entertainment. Emily serves her diocese of Columbus, Ohio as a Master Catechist and her parish as a lector, cantor and accompanist.

Fr. Paul H. Colloton, O.S.F.S., D.Min.

Fr. Paul is a member of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, Wilmington-Philadelphia Province and an Associate of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. He serves as the Assistant Superior for the Oblate Reitrement and Assisted Living facility in Childs, MD. Most recently he served as Priest Chaplain/Director of Campus Ministry, for Ohio Dominican University in Columbus and was the Director of Continuing Education for NPM for thirteen years. He has nearly 50 years experience as musician, liturgical, presider, preacher, clinician, spiritual director, and author.