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Divine Worship and Sacraments Contact:

Karen Kane
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100 East Eight Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-421-3131
Fax: 513-421-1582

Anthony J. DiCello
Archdiocesan Music Director
Phone: 513-421-2222

NPM 2017 Youth Music Ministry Institute: Schedule

A Music Ministry Experience for Young People in Grades 8-12

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Click here for a printable schedule: Schedule
(Black & White)

MONDAY, July 10
11:00 AM Registration/Lunch
12:30 PM Ice Breakers
2:20 PM Load Busses to Convention Center
3:00 PM NPM Opening and Mass
5:15 PM Return to XU
6:00 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Choir Rehearsal
8:30 PM Session 1 with ValLimar Jansen
9:45 PM Night Prayer
10:05 PM Social
10:30 PM In Rooms
11:00 PM Lights Out
TUESDAY, July 11
7:15 AM Breakfast
7:45 AM Busses to Convention Center
8:30 AM Prayer and Session 2 with Tony Alonso
10:30 AM NPM Breakout A options
12:00 PM Lunch at Cathedral
12:30 PM Organ Recital/Exhibit Halls
1:30 PM Choir Rehearsal
4:00 PM Extra time for instruments or social time
5:00 PM Busses to Zoo
5:30 PM Dinner at Zoo
6:00 PM NPM Zoo Event
8:15 PM Busses to XU
8:30 PM Social event/concert with Ben Walthers Band
10:00 PM Night Prayer
10:30 PM In rooms
11:00 PM Lights out

7:15 AM Breakfast
7:45 AM Busses to Convention Center
8:15 AM NPM Morning Prayer
9:00 AM Session 3 with Michael Ruzicki
10:45 AM Break/Exhibits
12:00 PM Lunch with Bishop Binzer at Cathedral
1:30 PM NPM Music Showcase
3:00 PM NPM Breakout C Options
4:15 PM Busses to XU
5:00 PM Choir Rehearsal
6:30 PM Dinner
8:20 PM Busses to Convention Center
9:00 PM NPM Concert
10:30 PM Taize Prayer Service
11:30 PM Busses to XU
12:00 mid Lights out
7:15 AM Morning prayer
7:45 AM Breakfast
8:15 AM Busses to Convention Center
9:00 AM NPM Plenum Talk with Tony Alonso
10:15 AM Session 4
11:15 AM Busses to XU
11:45 PM Lunch/Pack
1:30 PM Busses to Cathedral
2:00 PM Final practice/warm-up
3:45 PM Youth Concert
4:45 PM Youth Institute ends