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Girl Scouts Memorandum of Understanding Information

On May 2 2013, Archbishop Schnurr and Roni Luckenbill, Chief Executive Officer of the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio signed a historic agreement formalizing the long-standing relationship between the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.

The Memorandum of Understanding establishes a mutual framework of cooperation that will serve as a template for the relationship between Girl Scout troops and the Archdiocesan parishes and schools that have them.  Ultimately each school/parish in the Archdiocese with a Girl Scout troop will sign a Memorandum of Understanding as well. Each party to the agreement makes a number of commitments. For example, the first five of fifteen specific obligations for the Girl Scouts are:

  1. Respect the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, and the practices, policies, aims, and objectives of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and its parishes and schools;
  2. Assist in meeting those objectives through its programming for girls ages 5-17 and through support of religious awards;
  3. Provide year-round support to the Girl Scout troops/groups and volunteers located in Catholic institutions (e.g., parishes, schools);
  4. Maintain regular, ongoing communications with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, normally through the Office of Young and Young Adult Ministry;
  5. Communicate regularly and work closely with and support the parish’s or school’s designated liaison.

The Archdiocese agreement runs for a period of three years, renewable, and may be terminated by any one of the parties at any time. Parish/School agreements should be renewed each year.

To view the Archdiocese Memorandum of Understanding, follow the link Archdiocese Memorandum of Understanding

To view and/or print the parish Memorandum of Understanding, follow the link Memorandum of Understanding