The Offices of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will be closed April 19th and April 22nd. May the promise of Easter fill you with faith, joy and love.

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Parish Training Kit

Parish Training Kit for Evangelization & Hospitality

Session Outline

Session 1: Parish Evangelization and Hospitality


Preparation: Read: Excerpt, A Parish Guide to the New Evangelization
  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Video: Parish Evangelization and Hospitality – Fr. Bob Hater
  • Opening remarks by Archbishop Schnurr
  • Fr. Bob Hater
  1. Discussion

Session 2: The Key Roles of Ushers, Greeter and Parish Secretaries in Creating a Hospitable Parish.


Preparation: What is Hospitality?
  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Video: Key Roles in a Hospitable Parish: Ushers and Parish Secretaries – Fr. Larry Mick, Jeanne
  3. Discussion:

Session 3: Door to Door Evangelization


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Video: Door to Door Evangelization – Joan Torres, Louise Karas
3. Discussion