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Workshop Session III

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301 New Evangelization: Sharing your Faith Story
Deacon Royce Winters
How do we evangelize in this 21st century if we ourselves have not been transformed? If we have not been born again? In order to tell our story, we must be evangelized and empowered by God’s Spirit to share the Good News in all seasons. In our fast-paced society, we must “stir into flame the gift of God” that is in us. This “stirring” occurs as we intentionally seek ways and opportunities to deepen our relationship with Jesus. In this workshop, our hope is to: recommit ourselves to journeying with the Lord through prayer, study of Scripture and Eucharist; identify the “faith stories” in us that have moved the mountains in our lives; and rediscover the art of sharing faith stories in our lived experience of daily life. For this reason, I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands… For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control. So do not be ashamed of your testimony to our Lord, nor of me, a prisoner for his sake; but bear your share of hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God.” 2 Timothy 1: 6-10 (Repeated from Workshop 101 and 201)

302 Spirituality of Administration
Ann Garrido, D. Min.

Administration is often critiqued both by those within and out of the profession as work that takes good, fun-loving people and turns them into anxious curmudgeons, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Speaking out of her own experience as an educational administrator and parish catechetical coordinator, Ann Garrido will look at several practices of administration that can be potentially transformative, making us not only effective administrators but holier, healthier Christians. Participants will be invited to reassess their own daily tasks with an eye toward how they might serve not only the greater Reign of God, but their own personal spiritual journey. (Repeated from Workshop 102 and 202) Sponsored by Ave Maria Press.

303 The Social Dimension of Evangelization
Jack Jezreel

To proclaim “Good News” in the tradition of Jesus is to proclaim the “Reign of God,” as he does. The Good News is the proclamation of what God is up to in this world: healing, restoring, and making whole all things. This is the work that translates as compassion, forgiveness, charity and justice. It’s a proclamation that necessarily mixes words with action. Come consider the ways our actions must be part of any effective evangelization of the world. Attendees will learn of some best practices for parish life and a tool to measure progress and steer parish planning. (Repeated from Workshop 108 and 204) Sponsored by JustFaith Ministries.

304 A Missionary Looks at Missionary Discipleship
A Panel of Local Missionaries, facilitated by Dr. Mike Gable
Pope Francis has reminded us that every baptized Catholic faith is called to evangelize and to be a missionary disciple— that is, to both be in a relationship with our Lord and to go to the outskirts to preach the Gospel. So how do we as individuals and as parish communities become a dynamic and viable presence in the wider community? This workshop will focus on some practical actions and tools in order to implement the call to be a missionary disciple.  Panelists include: Dina Beach, Sue Keefe, Keith Pfaller, and Fr. Tom Hemm, CPPS. (Repeated in Workshop 304)

305 Building Intercultural Competency
Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, D. Min. (cand.)

This workshop presents five guidelines for intercultural competency developed by the USCCB. Participants will explore the five guidelines through practical examples in the areas of intercultural knowledge, attitudes and skills. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to assess their own level of intercultural competency, and set some specific goals to become more interculturally competent leaders in their own ministerial area. (Repeated from Workshop 207)

306 Engaging Young Adults: Leading with Christ
Amy S. McEntee

Things young adults like: Christ, community, causes. Things young adults don’t like: Church. Understanding how young adults arrive at this dichotomy provides key insights into how to best engage them. Explore the young adult worldview and identify key opportunities to accompany young adults on the journey to Christ and His Church. (Repeated from Workshop 210)

307 Sports and Faith Formation:  A Great Opportunity to Win Young People, Dads and Moms
Greg (Dobie) Moser, D. Min.

It is easy to blame sports for taking the time and resources of parents away from the church. There is a more effective way to think about and respond to this challenge and opportunity. Consider how sports programs can be a great way to build Christian discipleship while bringing parents, faith leaders, and families together to grow disciples and strengthen parish and family life. (Repeated from Workshop 212)

308 Moving Church from Maintenance to Mission through Co-Responsibility and Evangelization
Rev. Frank Donio, S.A.C., D. Min.

We, as Church, can no longer continue “business as usual.” Church leadership continues to call all of the baptized to greater co-responsibility within the Church and movement outward as evangelizers. This session will provide a practical spiritual, theological, and functional method to develop greater co-responsibility and practical applications based on the witness of Pope Francis that will lead to more effective evangelization and pastoral practice. Sponsored by the Catholic Apostolate Center.

309 Introduction to Threshold Conversations, Charisms and Evangelism
Sherry Weddell

This workshop is an introduction to “threshold conversations,” a flexible and respectful way of listening for and recognizing the stages of the journey to discipleship. Participants will also understand the role of the gifts given us by Holy Spirit in the work of introducing others to Jesus, and how a group of disciple-friends changed the spiritual climate of a nation for over 100 years. (Continued from Workshop 206 and Ministerial Forum for Catechetical Leaders and Youth Ministers) Sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor.

310 Imbued with the Spirit: Liturgy and Evangelization
Monsignor Rick Hilgartner, S.T.L.

As liturgical ministers, we often focus on preparing the liturgy—bringing it to life with sights and sounds, rubrics and rituals, vessels and vestments, translations and texts.  But the Liturgy is, first and foremost, God’s work.  How is his Liturgy shaping us?  How does it transform our lives?  Through word and sacrament, God invites us to love him more deeply, to live his Gospel message more faithfully, and to share our faith more courageously. (Repeat from Liturgical Ministerial Forum.)

311 Introducing Positive Change in Your Parish
Tom Corcoran

Change and transition can be difficult in any organization, but especially in the Church where we seem to mix up small traditions in a parish with the big Traditions of the Church. We will look at the struggles that come with introducing change at a parish setting and how to succeed in changing your church culture.

312 Catholic Parishes in a Changing Catholic Culture and Climate
Rev. Robert J. Hater

This workshop is intended for leaders in Catholic parishes and anyone interested in reflecting on the new evangelization and parish life. Fr. Hater first considers evangelization and then looks at the new evangelization, relying especially on his recent books, Parish Guide to the New Evangelization and Common Sense Catechesis: Lessons from the Past: Road Map for the Future. He describes the changing culture and climate of the Catholic parish, especially in catechetical ministry, before and after Vatican II and during the past seventy years. He traces this history in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and elsewhere by using stories and personal insights. In particular, he considers the present climate of parishes and society, including the new world of technology, and how this climate influences parish ministry. His Common Sense Catechesis concludes by proposing a new model for catechesis – a common sense one.    

313 Possibilities in Social Media from a Multi-Cultural Perspective and Inclusion
Richard Drabik, Dorothy Mensah-Aggrey, Liliana P. Montoya
Creative Catholics are stepping out with their social media skills and talents to creatively evangelize and reach many. Proper use of social media can enhance a parish’s relationship and evangelization efforts, but it’s not about how many “likes” your parish’s Facebook page can get. It’s about telling our story. Like Jesus and his use of a New Evangelization –what we now call parables – our social media strategy must call others to an encounter with the mystery of God in a creative way that seeks to satisfy the human need for community. We must meet people where they are as we make progress with this new evangelization. A relationship with God has endless possibilities even as we utilize social media in our endeavors to reach out to people. Sponsored by the VLCFF, Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, University of Dayton.

314 Small Christian Communities: Vehicles for Evangelization
Joe Ollier

As Pope Benedict XVI reminded us, the heart of the Good News is an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ. With this reality in mind, our efforts at the New Evangelization must make a personal encounter with Christ a key priority. In this workshop, we will examine the unique way small faith communities can create opportunities for those encounters, and thus bring people closer to Christ and his Church. (Repeated from Workshop 214)
315 Developing and Equipping Ministers
Rob Reid & Meg Paul

Our ministers are a valuable resource in the work of evangelization and it is important to help guide people to the best fitting positions and care for them accordingly. Rob Reid and Meg Paul will present an interactive Human Resources workshop for those hiring or being hired that will address (1) the assessment of staffing needs and budgetary constraints, (2) developing a profile of the right candidate to fill a position, (3) creating job descriptions and job postings, (4) advertising and recruitment strategies, (5) effective and legally compliant interviewing and hiring practices, (6) performance appraisals as a tool for growth (7) other selected HR topics. There will also be a Q&A session to answer any additional HR questions you may have. Please join us for this workshop.