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Status Report on Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Abuse against Clerics

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Decree on Child Protection cites the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Charter is very clear in regards to Clerics who have sexually abused children:

“When even a single act of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest or deacon is admitted or is established after an appropriate process in accordance with canon law, the offending priest or deacon will be removed permanently from ecclesiastical ministry, not excluding dismissal from the clerical state, if the case so warrants.”

“If the penalty of dismissal from the clerical state has not been applied (e.g., for reasons of advanced age or infirmity), the offender ought to lead a life of prayer and penance. He will not be permitted to celebrate Mass publicly or to administer the sacraments. He is to be instructed not to wear clerical garb, or to present himself publicly as a priest.”

“When an accusation has been shown to be unfounded, every step possible will be taken to restore the good name of the person falsely accused.”

Substantiated Allegation – For purposes of the list below, a substantiated allegation is one which, based upon investigation and a review of the available facts and circumstances, is more likely than not to be true. 

Laicized – When a Cleric is laicized (permanently dismissed from the clerical state) in accord with canon law at the direction of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican, he is no longer incardinated and is unable to function as a priest anywhere.

Permanently Removed from Ministry – When a Cleric is permanently removed from priestly ministry at the direction of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican, he is prohibited from wearing clerical clothing and publicly presenting himself as a priest. He is expected to lead a life of prayer and penance, and he is still under the authority of the bishop or archbishop and subject to certain priestly responsibilities including celibacy.

Incardinated – refers to the dedication of a cleric to ministry in a particular diocese, religious order, or other equivalent institution.  All clerics are incardinated when they are ordained deacons.

I. Status Report of Clerics incardinated in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati against whom a substantiated allegation of sexual abuse of a child was made and investigated while the cleric was living.

Name Ordained Status
Keith Albrecht 1977 Laicized/deceased
John Berning 1934 Removed from ministry/deceased
Thomas Brunner 1974 Laicized
George Cooley 1976 Laicized
Ronald Cooper 1983 Laicized
Thomas Feldhaus 1976 Laicized
Ellis Harsham 1968 Laicized
Thomas Hopp 1966 Removed from ministry/deceased
David Kelley* 1974 Died in Process
Thomas Kuhn 1967 Laicized
Francis Massarella 1941 Removed from ministry/deceased
Daniel Pater 1979 Removed from ministry
Kenneth Schoettmer 1968 Laicized/deceased
Lawrence Strittmatter 1957 Laicized/deceased
Richard Unwin 1979 Laicized

 * The laicization case of David Kelley was in process at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith when he died on June 6, 2009.

II. Status Report of Clerics who have ministered in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, but who were not incardinated in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, against whom a substantiated allegation of child abuse was made.

The names on the following list were provided to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and based on investigations conducted by third-parties, such as the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), the Dominican Friars, Glenmary Home Missioners, The Marianists, and the Diocese of Cleveland. 


Name Ordained Status
Harry Barton**
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1940 Deceased
Louis Bonacci**
(Jesuit, Maryland Province)
1973 Removed from ministry
Robert Broome
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1943 Deceased
James Condon
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1939 Deceased
Thomas Doyle** 
(Marianist, Cincinnati Province)
1974 Deceased
Robert Erpenbeck
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1931 Deceased
Mark Finan
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1948 Deceased
John Finke**
(Marianist, Province of Cincinnati)
1937 Deceased
Adelbert Holmes
(Glenmary Home Missioners)
Bernard Horst**
(Marianist, Province of Cincinnati)
1945 Deceased
Allan Kirk**
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1965 Deceased
Frank Klamet**
(Diocese of Cleveland)
1978 Deceased
Frank Klamet**
(Diocese of Cleveland)
1978 Deceased
Frederick Mathues**
(Marianist, Province of Cincinnati)
1952 Deceased
Thomas McCarthy**
(Dominican Friars,
Province of St. Joseph)
1960 Deceased
Charles Meyer**
(Missionaries of the Precious Blood,
Kansas City Province)
1931 Deceased
Donald Nastold
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1958 Deceased
Edward O’Brien
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1962 Deceased
Mariano Pariante**
(Marianist, Province of the Pacific)
1990 Laicized 2001
Edward Pigott
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)
1955 Removed from Public Ministry
Robert Poandl
(Glenmary Home Missioners)
Peter Richardson
(Glenmary Home Missioners)
Left society in 2007/Deceased
Wilton Skiffington
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)**
1936 Deceased
Ed Smith
(Glenmary Home Missioners)
Michael Spegele**
(Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Kansas City Province)
1941 Deceased
Joseph Tedesco**
(Marianist, Province of Cincinnati)
1983 Deceased
Daniel Triulzi**
(Marianist, Province of St. Louis)
1981 Removed from ministry 2006/Deceased
Stanley Wisniewski
(Jesuit, Midwest Province)**
1964 Deceased
Benedict Wolf
(Glenmary Home Missioners)
Left society 1975/Deceased

 ** The substantiated allegation of child abuse occurred outside the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.