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Social Studies GCS


Archdiocese of Cincinnati
K-8 Social Studies Graded Course of Study
Aligned with the Ohio Learning Standards
Infused with Catholic Identity Initiatives

Grades: K-2  (2011)
Grade: 3 (2018)  NEW
Grades: 4-6  (2017)
Grades 7-8 (2018)

Grades: K-2       Graded Course of Study

Introduction   for Grades 3-8


Grade 3                  Standards           Curriculum Map        Comparative Analysis

Grade 4                  Standards           Curriculum Map        Comparative Analysis

Grade 5                  Standards           Curriculum Map        Comparative Analysis

Grade 6                  Standards           Curriculum Map        Comparative Analysis 

Grade 7                  Standards           Curriculum Map        Comparative Analysis

Grade 8                 Standards            Curriculum Map        Comparative Analysis