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Archdiocesan Youth Athletics Initiative: Spiritual Liaisons

Spiritual Liaisons

As noted in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Charter on Catholic Youth Athletics, every athletics organization should establish a spiritual liaison.  Among other duties, the spiritual liaison is asked to “[p]rovide resources, including prayers and other resources, to assist coaches in their youth athletics ministry” (see 6.2.14 b of the Charter).

One way of doing this is to provide virtue lessons with scripture verses and small group questions that can be passed along to each coach, to use once per week after practices or games.  This is a great way to help promote a spirit of ministry into our athletics programs, making them an environment alive with faith and inspiration for discipleship. We have provided some below. Feel free to copy and distribute to every coach in your athletics programs.

By Easter, we hope to also be ready to provide handbooks one can easily carry in a pocket, gym bag or first aid kit, or even uploaded to your electronic reader.  We are creating one for coaches, one for parents, and a third for our student athletes.  Look for these sometime in the Spring of 2015. In the meantime, please enjoy the virtue lessons provided below.