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One of Those Moments

One of the joys of my position is the opportunity to gain the wisdom of people from across the archdiocese at various meetings and conferences.   So, just recently I presented on “Sacramental Adult Faith Formation” at a session of the Northern Area Catechetical Congress at Piqua. The point of the session was to encourage participants to recognize the sacramental qualities of adult faith formation as work done by and for the Church in the name of Jesus. We brainstormed how the various components/characteristics of adult formation – such as hospitality, service, witnessing, knowledge, and transformation …

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Happy Birthday and Thanks, Mom and Dad!

My parents’ birthdays have come around again.  They are hovering near 80 years old, which is as amazing to me as my oldest son moving that much closer to 30.   As I watch each of these two generations age, and my own bones get creakier, thoughts about the passing on of faith beliefs increasingly occupy my mind. A parishioner made a comment to me last week along the lines that “Sometimes we wait…our entire life, for life to start.”   To the contrary, I learned early that life is to be explored in its possibilities, reflected …

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Real Life of a Regional Lay Minister

In June this year our NW Dayton Pastoral Region truly became a reality as Precious Blood, St. Paul’s and St. Rita’s parishes and Mother Brunner school came together definitively as a region. As director of adult faith formation, and the first regional employee, these past months have been both incredibly challenging, and very fulfilling.  My candid thoughts so far on what parish regionalization from the staff perspective is like: I knew this role was going to require organizational skills, so I’m very glad for those God-given talents. It’s amazing – and very cool – how …

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