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The Encounter of Two “Yeses”

Typically, when I ponder the event of the Annunciation, I spend much time considering Mary’s act of faith in light of my own struggles with trust. I presume I am not alone in this way of thinking about the events recounted in Luke 1. However, today I would like to expand this reflection: 1. The “yes” that came first. Before Mary uttered her “fiat,” God was at work. This Fact is worth serious consideration and should surprise us. The struggle with sin following the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden, the constant turning to idolatry, …

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How Can This Be??

As Advent approaches, we’ll hear the story of the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary, and her incredible “yes” to her role in our Salvation.  But there’s another phrase Mary utters in that same exchange that has really struck me lately. When told she will conceive and bear a son, Mary asks “How can this be?”  That phrase has really stuck in my head.  When I step back and look at my wife and children I’m amazed at how blessed I am.  I know I’m not worthy of such blessings and I have to ask, “How …

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From Sin to Risk to Suffering to Resurrection!

We have been on quite a journey over these last six weeks, haven’t we? First we came to terms with our own mortality and sinfulness.  Remember you are dust.  Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.  We received a healthy dose of humility.  We pledged to be better.  And we worked to become so. Then, about a month later, we were invite to pray with the Feast of the Annunciation, the commemoration of Mary and her yes and where that got her and where that got us.  I think of the Annunciation …

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