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The Church of Baseball

There’s an opening line in the beginning narration of the film Bull Durham where one of the main characters emphatically states “I believe in the Church of Baseball.” Perhaps the reference here is partly to a Church of many gods. All things being equal, the baseball gods sometimes smile upon your favorite team and sometimes they don’t. Even past the last out, if it doesn’t go your way, there’s still another inning, another game, another series, another month, and another season. There’s always hope and a chance for redemption. In the wake of the latest …

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Rounding Third and Heading for Home

This year, opening day fell the day after Easter. Two events that serve as harbingers of spring—no matter what the weather is—in the closest possible proximity. They are days that give us hope that winter will be ending sooner than later and that the long, hot days of summer can’t be far off.  (I personally am much fonder of heat than cold, so this is a time of celebration for many reasons.) For me, this time of year also signaled that I am in the home stretch of my “initiation” into life at a new …

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Pennant Race

The Reds clinched their division for the second time in three years, and I’m totally jazzed.  I love baseball.  I’m not a stats junkie or anything.  I don’t have a fantasy team and I couldn’t tell you much about any other team except the Reds.  I just love the game.  That’s not to say I’m any good at playing it, either.  Despite my youthful fantasies of becoming the next Joe Morgan when I started playing Little League, I flamed out after two years with a perfect .000 batting average and a broken nose.  That’s right, two …

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