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Children Love A Good Story

 Just the other day, I was sitting down for dinner with my wife and two children.  After prayer, my son, Michael immediately jumped in with, “Daddy, I want you talk about day.”  This is his four-year-old expression for asking me how my day went. It’s just a little ritual that has developed naturally over the last year.  We each take turns going around the table describing all the big events of our day and how they affected us.  The kiddos mostly talk about toys and tv shows.  Mommy and Daddy mostly talk about errands and …

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Half Christians

What is positively astounding about the power of the scripture is its completeness.  Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit collaborated to inspire the writers and compilers to bring forth a product that is magnificently complex and unequivocally thorough.  The brand new reader of the Bible will find it instructive.  The veteran will always be led to excavate yet another layer of depth.  Even the serious critic is sure be challenged by its breadth and its wholeness. So thorough is the Bible message of Jesus Christ, that we will never need another testament.  As the Catechism …

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Rediscover Catholicism Book Discussion: The Bible & Spiritual Reading

Over the next 7 weeks we will be hosting an on-line discussion of the Rediscover Catholicism Book Study that many parishes in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are hosting in the new year. Each session asks multiple questions based on Chapters from “Rediscover Catholicism” and from videos either from Catholics Come Home or from Matthew Kelly’s talk “The 7 Pillars of Catholic Spirituality.” Please join the discussion by adding your comments on any or all of the following questions. OPENING PRAYER Loving Father, Open our hearts and minds and allow us to see the beauty of …

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