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A Blessing For One Who Can’t Be Seen

A few months ago, my husband and I invited a newly ordained transitional deacon friend over for dinner.  Shortly after walking through the door, our friend eagerly offered to bless anything – crucifixes, rosaries, etc.  He came prepared with his new copy of the “Book of Blessings” and was excited to share his diaconate ordination in a unique way with our family. He also mentioned off-handedly the newly approved blessing of the unborn child. “Is that in the Book of Blessings?” I asked casually. “No, it’s in a separate booklet since it’s so new,” he …

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Constant Prayer

On January 31, 2013, my youngest son celebrated fourteen years on the planet. Kwasi began life a little over four pounds with a multitude of significant health issues.  I’ve never been a member of the school of thought that prayer only takes place either in the sanctuary or quiet spaces. Prayer is prayed where prayer is needed.  I am as comfortable praying in a crowded elevator, behind the wheel, a surgical suite, the emergency room as I am in church on my knees. I am thankful praying without ceasing was a routine part of my …

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