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Broken People Help Broken People

I am human. That means I am flawed. I have the natural inclination to sin. And therefore, I am broken. But I am able to keep hope because something I’ve learned in the last few years is that the best person to help a broken person is another broken person. Now that I’ve got that bit of a tongue twister out of the way, let me explain what I mean by sharing part of my story. I was diagnosed with clinical depression just before I turned 14. It’s been an intense struggle for me over …

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The VIRTUS Reality: Living with the Past

It happened so many years ago, but it still haunts me today.  It has for decades changed the way I relate to the abuser and to the victims.  Why did the victims tell me?  It really wasn’t a question.  I knew the answer.  I’ve always been good at standing up for myself and for those who have sought my counsel. The victims knew that and I was their refuge.  As the victims recounted their abuse, it cut me to the core and I’ve never recovered.  Somehow, I had become a victim – and I simply …

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