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The Unfulfilled Vocation

The story goes something like this (and I’m changing some of the details because I haven’t gotten permission from this person to use the story): There was a young man who worked closely with young people and taught them about our Catholic faith. He shared with them about the Church’s teachings on vocation and doing God’s will, and all the while, he felt like he was being called to the married life and, at the same time, that he may never be married. He had discerned religious life and came to realize, through prayer and …

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Hearing God’s Call: Think About It; Pray About It

How does someone know they are called to the priesthood or religious life? It’s a difficult question – rarely is it like a flash of lightning, or a voice, or a vision.  If vocations depended on signs like these, we would have a lot fewer priests and religious. But one thing is certain: the Lord continues to call and He calls in as many different ways as there are individuals.  He calls each of us by name in a way suited to our individual circumstances for Christ knows us even better than we know ourselves. …

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Hear that Call?!

Recently I spent several delightful hours in discussion with a sociologist from OSU concerning the book she is writing on women in alternative food production.  Her questions to me focused on the reasons I and my family live as we do.   My responses to these questions, I realized, kept circling around the idea of vocation – how our lives are to be responses to God’s particular call to each of us.  That’s a hot topic for me – so I appreciated the chance to reflect upon it again! I think that often in our Catholic faith …

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