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Is the Church an Image of Compassion and Mercy?

Recently I had the opportunity to meet a courageous and good woman and mom.  A single parent of 4 children, she desires to raise her children to be adults with good morals, with an education to be productive citizens and independent, and she asks the Church to help her.  I shared with her the statics that show “faith is good for kids.”  Studies show that families, who pray together in the home, attend Church services together and have relationships with other members of their Church community usually become adults with faith.  These adults with faith …

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The Whole Picture

The word catholic means whole, entire, universal. We Catholics are part of a family community that extends throughout the whole world, that teaches the entire message of Jesus and offers the entire range of gifts that Jesus intended for his followers, a community that somehow embraces the universal history of humankind. Thinking Catholic means being aware of these dimensions of our relationship with God. But thinking Catholic also involves a particularly “catholic” way of looking at the world in general. It is an inclination to see things not as isolated phenomena in the vast complex …

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