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Saving An Endangered Species

In today’s world, I am nearly a statistical non-entity.  It’s not that I’ve done anything all that extraordinary or impossible.  I haven’t set a world record, achieved the highest SAT score, or discovered a life-changing cure. Rather, when I married this summer, I had not cohabited with my fiancé, had enjoyed a chaste dating and engagement time, and now, in marriage, am not using contraception. The three C’s – chastity, cohabitation, contraception.  The first we assume is a dinosaur of age’s past, and the second two we assume are the proud actions of everyone.  I …

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Is Chastity Possible?

Hey, the vampires can do it, right?  (no seriously…don’t get me started on Twilight…that’s a whole ‘nuther can of worms, as they say) Any real-life, off the books discussion on chastity I’ve ever been a part of almost always finds its way to the nitty-gritty red tape zone.  The zone that deals with “lines that you shall not cross” and all the other red tape issues that go alone with it.  How far is too far?  What about this line?  Do you have to go to confession for this?  What if you’re engaged?  What if …

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