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Are You the Next Matthias?

The first act of the apostles after Jesus’ Ascension was to find a replacement for Judas. Of all the things they could do, they chose to focus their attention on finding a twelfth apostle. Why? Twelve was a very significant number to the Jews, representing completeness.  There were twelve tribes of Israel, so if the disciples of Jesus were to symbolize a new Israel capable of evangelizing the whole world, a twelfth apostle was needed. But Jesus had chosen the original twelve. Now that he was gone, how would they know whom to choose?  In …

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Sacrament Season

This past Sunday, May 20, marked the end of what I refer to as Sacrament Season. Generally this is the period from Easter until whenever we have Confirmation, usually in May. Ordinarily it comprises most of the Easter season. Within the span of six weeks or so, a large number of children in the parish are baptized, confirmed or welcomed to the Table of Eucharist. It’s an extraordinarily busy month and a half, full of highs and lows. The lows are usually related to paperwork issues that tax my proof-reading abilities. The highs are much …

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