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Saving An Endangered Species

In today’s world, I am nearly a statistical non-entity.  It’s not that I’ve done anything all that extraordinary or impossible.  I haven’t set a world record, achieved the highest SAT score, or discovered a life-changing cure. Rather, when I married this summer, I had not cohabited with my fiancé, had enjoyed a chaste dating and engagement time, and now, in marriage, am not using contraception. The three C’s – chastity, cohabitation, contraception.  The first we assume is a dinosaur of age’s past, and the second two we assume are the proud actions of everyone.  I …

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Contra-Freedom: Two Insightful Contraception Ads (That Teach Way More about the Human Heart than Intended)

Over the last few months, two contraceptive advertisements have really made me stop and think, though this was probably not the intention of the companies.  Let me explain… Exhibit A – Nuvaring This female contraceptive method involves the once-per-month placement of a plastic ring in the vagina, which releases low amounts of hormones to prevent pregnancy.  Of particular interest is the fact that Nuvaring’s marketing strategy points out the bondage of the pill.  The company uses lines like: -Monthly birth control that’s easy to use? -Break free from the pack. -Let freedom ring. -Birth control …

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Can We Mandate an Examination of Conscience?

This February, Cardinal George of Chicago reflected upon the HHS mandates for insurance coverage of contraception, abortifacient pills, and sterilization with the following words, “At the present moment, Catholics in this country are facing challenges to our institutional existence and our mission that we thought would never arise here.” Perhaps these words echo his 2010 reflection upon the waning religious liberty of the West: “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.” These are urgent times, no doubt.  And Catholics …

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