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It’s Killing Me Slowly, But Joy Comes in the Morning

I’ve been engaged in the Rediscovering Catholicism conversations with parishioners and I’ve recently read the book, “Growing an Engaged Church – How to Stop “Doing Church” and Start BEING the Church Again” by Albert L. Winseman.  It has been a fascinating journey to rediscover and stoke the passions deep within me to seek a deeper relationship with the Lord.  The installation of Pope Francis has opened eyes and renewed hope for what the Church can be -servants to the least of our brothers and sisters.   Yet, in the midst of it all, the unveiling …

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Change Mediated by Sunshine

I work very strange hours for our parishes, and I have grown quite used to letting myself into deserted, dark church buildings.   The other morning, however, I had a wonderful surprise.  I walked into the room where our study group was to gather and the room was already quite bright.  At first I wondered who had left the lights on overnight, but then realized that the sun was shining in through the stained glass windows.   My heart immediately lightened. Sunshine!  Hallelujah! The season is changing and the days are getting longer! That’s the way winter …

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