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Lessons from the Early Church

When I was a high school teacher I taught Church history to a lot of sophomores.  One of the things I did to mix things up was to re-enact the early Church.  Students could self select themselves into three groups.  One was the prayer group, and they planned a prayer service for the class.  Another was the law and order group which was charged with constructing guidelines for the Christian community.  Then there was the evangelization team, which sent “Paul and Barnabas” on some pretend missionary journeys to other classrooms to gather converts.  And they …

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A Dialogue with Our Christian Mothers and Fathers

Lately I have been thinking a lot about perfection. For most of us I would be willing to bet that a significant amount of blood, sweat, and tears has been shed in order to bring something in our lives to perfection. But what is perfection exactly? The definition may be as varied and unique as each individual is from another.  Is perfection a value? Is it a virtue? I would like to think it is a very important thing to subscribe to as long as I don’t get too obsessive or naive about it. Perfection …

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