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What Did You Learn Today?

On my first day of high school I walked into homeroom and met Mr. Ballaban.  He was big, gruff, and larger than life.  He’d been at the school for over 30 years, and had been both the basketball and football coach back in the day.  That first day he gave us homework.  That’s right, homework for homeroom!  We had until Friday to learn 3 things, or face JUG (“Justice Under God” – you probably just call it detention):  1)the school’s Alma Mater, 2) the fight song, and 3)the following prayer by St. Ignatius: Lord, teach …

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A “Lifer” in Catholic Education

A couple of years back I was giving a talk on the priesthood to a class of first graders. With their teacher’s help, the students came up with some questions to ask me. One asked, “How many years of school does it take to be a priest?” I said that for most people, it is six or seven years in the seminary. But that I had gone to Catholic schools for 23 years in a row (elementary school, high school, graduate school, and seminary). So then I turned the question on them – if I …

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