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Pick Up Our Mats and Walk!

It seems to me that the best way as engaged Catholics to evangelize those who have disengaged is to be honest, authentic, and constructive. Matthew Kelly speaks of this in the Introduction of his book, Rediscover Catholicism. He addresses the issue of anger and frustration that people feel in general, but especially the anger toward abuse of children and toward cover-up of abuse of children. He says:  I suppose the question we should consider together is: What will we do with our  frustration and our anger?…It seems the people have just stopped thinking about it. They have …

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The Quest for a Modest Dress

I’ve heard friends who have gotten married before me complain about how hard it is to find a modest, “altar-appropriate” wedding dress that’s still flattering and stylish. Now that I’m engaged to be married and have casually started browsing wedding dresses, I’ve found this to be true for myself. The overwhelming majority of dresses out there just miss the mark on modesty. I’ve also had trouble with bridesmaid dresses. When I was preparing for my sister’s wedding last fall (I was her maid of honor), I tried on what seemed like tons of dresses before …

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