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Ma’am you should be a priest.

A few years ago I was volunteering at a local pro-life event, when a Catholic acquaintance approached me to say hello.  She asked what I was doing these days.  At my reply that I am studying for a master’s in theology, she grumbled, “It’s a shame you’re into that Theology of the Body, or else you could be a priest.”  Shocked, I attempted to collect my composure being answering.   I have had a handful of Protestants ask if my goal was to be a minister upon graduation.  Despite my insistence to the contrary, middle-aged Brenda, …

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Ralph Ellison wrote Invisible Man, one of the best reads of my life.  My only sorrow, Ralph was not as prolific as James Baldwin. Allow me to say I understand Ellison’s version of invisibility.  I was born in the south, born into poverty and evil that neither Walt Disney nor George Lucas could have imagined. My grandmother was never allowed to vote.  She taught me early on in life exactly what invisibility meant within the parameters of this society.  In many ways my life has mirrored hers.  My change…did not come. A few weeks ago, …

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