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For All True Fathers Out There

Unless you have been camped out under a rock for the last few decades, you are probably aware of the fact that fatherhood is in a state of dangerous decline.  Data the US Census Bureau in 2011 found that one out of every three children is living away from their biological father.  Research indicates that living without a clear father figure leads to an increased likelihood of poverty, depression, child abuse, and future criminal activity.  I remember when it used to be so common to hear celebrities complaining about how demanding their father could be.  …

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What Does This Say About God?

I ask my students at Xavier this question fairly regularly. When we read various creation stories, some of them quite bloody and violent and compare them to the accounts in Genesis. When we talk about the stories of the birth and crucifixion of Jesus. When we talk about suffering. What kind of God do we believe in? I get the impression that many people take a pretty dark view of God. They seem to think that bad things happen because God wants them to. God is teaching us a lesson or punishing us or testing …

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Fathers’ Day and Roe v. Wade

This month on June 17, our nation will celebrate its fortieth official Father’s Day.  It’s our big chance to say thank you to the men who inspire us, who call us to be more, and who provided love and support for us. You always know this day is getting close because of the plethora of golf accessories, grilling supplies, and neckties that line the entry of our favorite stores.  And though many may claim that neck ties are just a silly gift you give if you cannot think of anything better, I have to confess …

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