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For All True Fathers Out There

Unless you have been camped out under a rock for the last few decades, you are probably aware of the fact that fatherhood is in a state of dangerous decline.  Data the US Census Bureau in 2011 found that one out of every three children is living away from their biological father.  Research indicates that living without a clear father figure leads to an increased likelihood of poverty, depression, child abuse, and future criminal activity.  I remember when it used to be so common to hear celebrities complaining about how demanding their father could be.  …

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Post-Father’s Day Reflections

Every Father’s Day begins for me with a multitude of various thoughts about life, fathering, and God the Father. Regarding my own fathering, I reflect on the challenges, successes, and failures that I experienced and experience. There is no father training camps or manuals on how to father, so I found myself acting on the old “wing and a prayer” approach, doing the best I know how and letting go. One thing that was helpful was taking a parenting course with my wife.  The best part of that was it gave us a common experience …

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