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A Common Bond

On the last weekend of July, I gathered at the University of Dayton and Bergamo with a group called “Common Bond.” The group is made up of former members of the Society of Mary (Marianists) who have left in the past many years. The Common Bond has been gathering at three-year intervals since 2000 and there is a spirit in those gathers that always touched me profoundly. This group of men has been, and in some cases still are, very much a part of my life. Many of them I went to college with, others …

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I Get By With a Little Help From My “Friends”

Of the many popular and not-very-insightful things people say about the Internet, the comparison between “friends” online and those people who actually know our voices or who might show up at our birthday parties is one of the more difficult to contest. Naming all of our Facebook connections “friends,” some have argued, cheapens the designation and confuses the depth of true friendship with the breadth of online relationships, only shadows of their “real” counterparts. I am sympathetic to this argument, but only to a point. I find it more helpful and more interesting to move …

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Like Iron Sharpens Iron

Last weekend, I got a rare opportunity to see an old friend that I had not seen in years.  We had previously lost touch, but thanks to the wonders of Facebook, we were able to stumble across each other and set up a meeting.  Seeing him again and introducing our wives to each other caused me to think back on the early days of our friendship.  I reflected on the powerful role God gave him in challenging my faith. Becoming friends with Paul was an answer to one of those prayers that make people say, …

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