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Gratitude, Hope, Joy?

There are three beautifully wrapped gifts on a table in front of you. One has a tag marked, “Gratitude.” Another is tagged, “Hope.” The third is, “Joy.” Answer quickly, without thinking. Ready? Without thinking, answer, “Which gift has God given to you this year?” Those three wrapped gifts from God: which one would you like for God to give to someone else at Christmas?

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Responding to the Unborn

Being in the third trimester of pregnancy encourages all sorts of people – friends, acquaintances, strangers – to share their advice and good wishes.  It’s wonderful to see how excited people become at the thought of a new baby in the world, but there is one comment shared quite frequently that has given me pause. When I say that we do not know if our baby is a boy or a girl, the typical response is, “As long as you have a healthy baby … that’s all that matters.” This sentiment has been expressed to …

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