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Swimming in God’s Grace

Every once in a while it’s good to get a reminder of something we already know, but may have forgotten. It has been my experience that God often works in this way – sending small reminders. Sometimes, we have to be reminded multiple times. Thankfully for us, God is very persistent. About a year ago I was talking with a good friend of mine who is a novice with the Society of Mary (Marianist Brothers and Priests). I was droning on and on about what in my life needs conversion, the ways I feel called …

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All there is is all there is…or is there?

A few years back, John Travolta starred in the movie “Phenomenon,” the story of an amiable working class guy named George who inexplicably turns into a genius with telekinetic abilities. As his brain power increases, George begins all sorts of scientific experiments, the results of which leave academic experts astounded, amazed and confounded. He summed up all his theories and discoveries into one simple sentence that everyone could understand: “Everything is on its way to somewhere. Everything.” While I admit that my knowledge of all things scientific is very limited, there are a few things …

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