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The Greatest Show On Earth – and the Finale is up to You

I suspected it was a fluke. Something that only happened at that particular place with that particular group of people. It stopped me in my tracks like a great tragedy would. Except it wasn’t a tragedy I was witnessing. It was something so ordinary, so basic, and yet so magnificent it made me pause in awe and wonder. But the lesson in it, if not taken to heart, could be tragic.  The Crowds Show Up  Four days in the row, my husband, our kids and I came to the beach in Naples, FL. I had …

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Magic Wand? or a Combo of Hard Work and Faith?

Playlist: “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (from my album “A Chance to Dream”) “If you eat your dinner, I’ll take you to Disneyland some day”. This was the only conditional phrase I ever heard my Dad say. He didn’t do much of the disciplining or raising us, my mom did. So, when he did, I took it seriously. He was either tremendously brave or completely ignorant to have made this promise to me, sitting in a small, grimy kitchen of our rented apartment in Zagreb in the winter of 1974. Disneyland was …

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Gratitude, Hope, Joy?

There are three beautifully wrapped gifts on a table in front of you. One has a tag marked, “Gratitude.” Another is tagged, “Hope.” The third is, “Joy.” Answer quickly, without thinking. Ready? Without thinking, answer, “Which gift has God given to you this year?” Those three wrapped gifts from God: which one would you like for God to give to someone else at Christmas?

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To Recognize, To Respond

This past week a young family with children moved into a neighboring empty farm house.  I stopped by twice to introduce myself and see how they were doing.  Each time the husband, a former U.S. airman, told me “THANK YOU for welcoming us!  Thank you for telling the other neighbors we are here. We’ve never had anyone care before.” His response gave me pause – for two reasons.  First, of course, that no one had ever bothered to recognize and acknowledge that something / someone new was happening in their neighborhood.  The second was that …

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