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Dismas: A Journey of Forgiveness

The only place I felt forgiven was in the Catholic church. The individual who expressed this sentiment is a convicted felon, a young man who served time and has continued to serve time through the seemingly never-ending punishments meted out by society after the door closes behind you on the way out of prison. I didn’t know much about returning citizens until three years ago when I joined a task force of Advocate for Justice, the Archdiocesan Social Action Collaborative. So often when we speak of the criminal justice system, we speak in terms of …

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Exercising Charity: The Catholic Campaign for Human Development

I have come to realize that it is far easier to expect forgiveness from others than to grant it. This has occurred to me often when I am driving. I always expect that others will understand that I have a good reason for  slowing down to ten miles an hour when looking for a street sign or needing  to change lanes at the last minute because I realize that the lane I am in is not the one I should be in. Yet, I seldom extend that courteous patience to others. I am annoyed that …

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