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Violence in Our Streets: What Do I Do Now?

This past week, I remembered a conversation I had with one of my old police partners over 10 years ago, who ask, “Royce, why do you continue to live in that neighborhood?”  The thought that immediately ran through my mind was “because I have a home there.”  But, I understood he was really saying to me, “there is a better way to live.”  My answer was I grew up in this neighborhood.  My mother’s house is three blocks from where I live.  My church community is four blocks from where I live.  I know the …

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The Way Home is Mysterious

Where is home? Is it just an address where I live? Part of living religious life means a life of going where sent. In the past, Sisters were sent by their superiors. A note or piece of paper was placed at the dinner table, alongside one’s plate-that’s how a Sister would know that she was moving to a new location. In those days Sisters would typically move every two or three years.  Nowadays its more of a personal discernment of God’s call. This personal discernment takes place with the superior and others in the religious …

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