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One of Those Moments

One of the joys of my position is the opportunity to gain the wisdom of people from across the archdiocese at various meetings and conferences.   So, just recently I presented on “Sacramental Adult Faith Formation” at a session of the Northern Area Catechetical Congress at Piqua. The point of the session was to encourage participants to recognize the sacramental qualities of adult faith formation as work done by and for the Church in the name of Jesus. We brainstormed how the various components/characteristics of adult formation – such as hospitality, service, witnessing, knowledge, and transformation …

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All Are Welcome — But In My Pew?

My wife and I were at Sunday Mass recently and the entrance song for that day was “All Are Welcome”.  Some of the words to that song are: All are welcome, all are welcome, All are welcome in this place. We were sitting at the end of the pew with some space between us and the other people in that row.  We were singing those words when two women arrived at our pew.  The look on the face of the first women seemed to be one of doubt about what kind of reception she would …

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Lessons from My Father

Second only to each of the births of his seven children, there was no day more anticipated by my father than the first day of fishing season. And, while, on any given pre-dawn Sunday, you’d find my dad fishing, anywhere, anytime, for any type of fish, his preference was fly fishing. Now, apparently, fly fishing isn’t like any other kind of fishing. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly appreciate the intricacies—it was the old “girl + bait = ewwwwwww” thing, but those who do, will pardon my feeble attempt here to make the most of the metaphor. …

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