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What Rachel, Brett, Johnny, Millennials, Pope Francis and Toby Keith All Have in Common

Talk about an innocent blog posting that goes viral. It seems that everyone in the blogosphere (my apologies to Scott Rosenburg) is well aware of a recent blog written by Rachel Held Evans entitled, Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church. There have been so many likes, tweets, recommends—and whatever else they are called—that I don’t know if there is a computer out there that can count the related comments and blogs written to comment on those comments. And, yet, I seem to feel called to add to that number. Rachel certainly hit a nerve. It …

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The Good Pope

The phrase “the good pope” is one that most likely means different things to different generations. To Gen X and millenials, it calls to mind Pope John Paul II; to those of us of an earlier generation Pope John XXIII is the one described by the phrase. Recently, I received the book to review entitled The Good Pope: The Making of a Saint & the Remaking of the Church—The Story of John XXIII & Vatican II by Greg Tobin. It was a reminder to me of the excitement many of us felt about this son …

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