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1st Sunday of Advent: Happy New Liturgical Year!

The word “advent” means “coming”. The Church teaches us that during Advent we wait for two comings of Christ: we prepare to celebrate Christmas, when Christ first came into the world; and, we wait for Christ’s second coming at the end of time. (See General Norms for the Liturgical Year and Calendar, Paragraph 39, from Documents on  the Liturgy, 1963-1979, Conciliar, Papal and Curial Texts © 1982, ICEL.) Advent begins at sundown the eve of the fourth Sunday before Christmas and concludes at sundown on Christmas Eve.  The First Sunday of Advent also heralds the …

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The Christmas Season

One of the many beauties of our Catholic liturgy is the “seasons” that we celebrate for the two great events of our saving history: Christmas and Easter.  First we spend a relatively long period of time preparing to celebrate them by getting ourselves and our parish community “in the mood” so these feasts impact our lives as individuals and parishes. Secondly, we celebrate the feasts not for just a single day but for many days. I recall a Christmas season that was full of some difficult experiences. My mother had died recently and if ever …

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