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Lessons from the Early Church

When I was a high school teacher I taught Church history to a lot of sophomores.  One of the things I did to mix things up was to re-enact the early Church.  Students could self select themselves into three groups.  One was the prayer group, and they planned a prayer service for the class.  Another was the law and order group which was charged with constructing guidelines for the Christian community.  Then there was the evangelization team, which sent “Paul and Barnabas” on some pretend missionary journeys to other classrooms to gather converts.  And they …

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Transformation is Hard Work

Transformation is hard work.  I usually avoid it when I can. When I first entered my religious community, I was zealous and excited, and I would pray with Revelation 21:5, “See, I am making all things new.”   And I was elated about the newness.  Everything seemed beautiful and exciting.  It felt to me like the first birds singing on Easter morning. Then, as a second year novice, after I had moved in and out of several of our community houses and been in the formation process for a while, I was tired of movement and …

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From Sin to Risk to Suffering to Resurrection!

We have been on quite a journey over these last six weeks, haven’t we? First we came to terms with our own mortality and sinfulness.  Remember you are dust.  Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.  We received a healthy dose of humility.  We pledged to be better.  And we worked to become so. Then, about a month later, we were invite to pray with the Feast of the Annunciation, the commemoration of Mary and her yes and where that got her and where that got us.  I think of the Annunciation …

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