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NFP is for Real Men

I recently attended a lecture that discussed just how healthy the practice of natural family planning is for a couple.  The speakers showed the strong correlation between the use of natural birth regulation methods and divorce-proof marriages.  They discussed the benefits of improved communication, improved understanding of a wife’s psychology as it relates to her body, the deepening sense of respect men develop for their wives, and the value of mutually delayed gratification.  All in all, I thought it was a pretty compelling case. I almost fell out of my chair later that day when …

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Fairytales DO Come True!

I’d like to start this post with a little aside in praise of men.  You see, sometimes I am amazed at how many awesome, wonderfully manly men I am privileged to know.  I’m talking about real MEN OF GOD – men who fight everyday for the good God.  Men who fight to stay pure.  Men who are faithful to the teachings of Christ and His Church.  Men who strive for virtue and greatness in a culture that offers them comfort and self-appeasement.  Men who sacrifice for their families.  Men who find their strength in prayer …

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Like Iron Sharpens Iron

Last weekend, I got a rare opportunity to see an old friend that I had not seen in years.  We had previously lost touch, but thanks to the wonders of Facebook, we were able to stumble across each other and set up a meeting.  Seeing him again and introducing our wives to each other caused me to think back on the early days of our friendship.  I reflected on the powerful role God gave him in challenging my faith. Becoming friends with Paul was an answer to one of those prayers that make people say, …

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