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Why I Hate Retreat High

For the record:  I love retreats, but despise any language or sentiment surrounding a “retreat high.”  I am not anti-emotional, nor promoting some sort of devotionalism devoid of all human emotion.  From my experience, many take on the spirit of a “retreat high,” in which teens (and adults) tend to approach retreats in an attempt to feel better about themselves, get emotionally jacked up on Jesus, or put Jesus on like a fragrance they know is going to wear off in a few days/weeks after returning home.  This is all superficial talk.  I’m positive Jesus …

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Does the Church Have the Authority to Teach?

It has been more than interesting to keep up with the dialogue on the recent federal mandate of the Health and Human Services requiring religious institutions like Catholic universities and hospitals to cover birth control in their employee health care plans.  In response, the U.S. Catholic Bishops issued a statement and on the weekend of January 28-29, 2012, Archbishop Schnurr sent a letter to each pastor that addressed how the mandate violates the free exercise of religion and encouraged them to disseminate the letter to each parishioner. [Archbishop Schnurr’s February 13 letter regarding the so-called …

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