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What Does This Say About God?

I ask my students at Xavier this question fairly regularly. When we read various creation stories, some of them quite bloody and violent and compare them to the accounts in Genesis. When we talk about the stories of the birth and crucifixion of Jesus. When we talk about suffering. What kind of God do we believe in? I get the impression that many people take a pretty dark view of God. They seem to think that bad things happen because God wants them to. God is teaching us a lesson or punishing us or testing …

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The 8 Short Years: Baptism to First Communion

Our 8-year old son made his First Communion this weekend.  At the beginning of Mass, Father Geoff prayed an opening prayer that caught me off-guard. “These children who come to the table of the Lord for the first time receive in Holy Communion the pledge of salvation offered on the day of their baptism.” My eyes flew wide-open.  I looked down at my son; looked over at Kate; looked back to the baptismal font in the back of church where Father was still standing . . . and uneasiness gripped me. My son was baptized …

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